Thursday, January 26, 2017

Nation Divided Blog

During the Reconstruction Period, the American Dream took a toll on the South. School institutions were brought in place in the South and were built. With no more slavery in the South, African Americans took this as an opportunity to create schools for themselves to learn. Not only children were learning, but also adults and the elderly attended to these schools With education being set in place in the South, they brought teachers from the North to teach those in the South. The Freedmen's Bureau helped established these schools, Marshall Twichwell, created total of ten schools in Red River Parish. He created five schools for whites and five for African Americans. Overall having to established education in South embraced African Americans to vote, work, and going to school.


  1. Do you think the building of separate schools helped or disabled the countries efforts for unity?

  2. Even having separated schools is better than having no schools at all, right?