Monday, March 27, 2017

Progressive Blog

During the Progressive Era, race was set in place for African American women. Their organization focus mainly more on fighting against racism and provide mutual support then having to focus on rights for education, health care, political corruption, and etc. Hundred and thousands of African American women migrated from the South to the North. They faced sexism, institutional racism, and overtly violent acts of racism, such as lynching. Despite their large number of organization and successful reform efforts they still get excluded from white women General Federation of Women's Club and the National American Woman Suffrage Association. White women also ignored issues of racism, such as lynching or the rights of African American voters. But, all was not loss for them, the YWCA allowed some collaborations between African American and white women. And so did the Women's Missionary Council of the Southern Methodist Church, and the Woman's Committee of the Commission on Interracial Cooperation (CIC)


  1. i like your idea and totally agree. African American has that right to vote too.good thinking

  2. One can only imagine how tough it must've been for African-American women at that time. Like not only are they black but also females thats double the discrimination. And yet here they are!!!! Voting!!! I respect how hard they worked to get their rights. I enjoyed reading this blog thanks for the info!